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n. Display bag - Clear bags usually manufactured from cellophane or polypropylene. These materials are very clear proportioning a good look and feel allowing your products to stand out. Polypropylene is generally used in card bags to keep them moisture and grease free and cellophane is the option for food packaging as they allows moisture to pass through, preventing condensation.

GoldStork vaults in Display Bags:

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Flower Sleeves
Flower Sleeves...
For discounted suppliers and manufacturers of flower sleeves and display bags with a wide range of polypropylene packaging for you to choose from.
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Display Bags
Display Bags
DisplayBags.org offers a great range of display packaging products. Clear bags, film front, shrink film and more and with great prices and discount from selected UK suppliers and manufacturers.
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Display Bags
Display Bags
Website specialised in presentation and retail display bags with great prices and discount on all products. Find quality display bags for all you display packaging needs.
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Gift Bags
Gift Bags Direct
Gift Bags Direct provides unique gift wrap packaging from wholesale suppliers and manufactures. Find gift bags, gift wrap, shopping bags, plastic bags, candy bags and display bags.
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Types of display bags

Clear Retail Display Bags

Retail display bags are multi-purpose, crystal clear polypropylene bags with a side gusset ideal for packing bulky items, these are commonly used by retailers to pack items of clothing.

Specialist Retail Display

The most common types of specialist retail display bags are:
- Patterned bags which can be made to order with your custom pattern to help promoting and to enhance the look of your. Patterned display bags can also be ordered with off the shelf patterns.
- Flower sleeves, manufactured to suit most flower cut sizes and quantities. Display flower sleeves are normally distributed in batches to allow for easy counter storage and use.
- Candy sweet bags are traditionally provided white or clear. Originally created to hold candy but now also used to store other items like beads.
- Film front bags, window bags or clear faced bags are widely used by restaurant and food stores to pack biscuits, sandwich and the like. Display clear faced bags have a clear polypropylene front and a white craft paper back so that the contents are protected and clearly visible.

Clear Wrapping Film

Clear wrapping film is great for wrapping flowers and presents. Because its film is made from polypropylene it will give a shiny and clear look to your gifts and will also protect its contents.

Shrink Film

Shrink film is applied by wrapping it around an object that is being packaged. This film is then heat sealed to keep its contents tightly together and protected from outside moisture but also offering tamper evidence and visual enhancement.