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*** Warning! This is a restricted area. This vault has been sealed by the GoldStork Administrator ***



06.06.1999 05:14 UTC - User Admin19 wrote:

Vault sealed. Sealing Ref: 3499455/su

06.06.1999 07:14 UTC - User JTrapp wrote:

Hi Admin, why has this vault been sealed?

06.06.1999 07:17 UTC - User Admin19 wrote:

Dunno. directive from GS exec. got called in by fco to do it, so v hot asset iwi

06.06.1999 09:19 UTC - User JTrapp wrote:

Admin, what assets were listed before the seal order?

06.06.1999 09:23 UTC - User Admin19 wrote:

omg!... thats v weird. got nothing listed looks like whole asset records purged. wtf?! no record anywhere. hold on... will do a bit of diggin ;)

06.06.1999 19:31 UTC - User JTrapp wrote:

Hi Admin - u found anything yet?

06.07.1999 10:15 UTC - User JTrapp wrote:

Admin - u there? wondered if u found anything yet?

06.08.1999 10:09 UTC - User JTrapp wrote:

Hi Admin - just wondered if there was any news?

06.08.1999 10:20 UTC - User Admin01 wrote:

****Sys-Log deletion requested.****



06.08.1999 10:21 UTC - User Admin03 - [Vault Timelock Instantiated (5y)]



06.08.2004 10:23 UTC - User Admin01 - [Vault Timelock Instantiated (500y)]



06.20.2008 02:06 UTC - User wh1t3h8t - [Sys-Log restored]

unity without verity... i cant keep this open for long it will get noticed. see SU - i left a message ... (Π) ...



Sorry, the vault you requested has been sealed. You may prefer to view some popular public assets:

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