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n. commemorate. 1. To honour the memory of with a ceremony. 2. To serve as a memorial to.

There are many ways to commemorate the life of a loved one. Traditionally headstones on graves, monuments, and plaques in public places such as park benches have been used.

Recently, more organic forms of memorial have become popular, particularly trees planted in dedication. The internet has seen the advent of a new range of memorial services including tribute websites, sometimes guaranteed to last forever.

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Memorial websites
Memorial websites...
Charities that provide free online Memorial websites dedicated to honouring the deceased. Create you own tributes to your loved ones, preserve your memories of them and record their lives for future generations.
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Ideas for commemorating a loved one

An online tribute

Some charity sites offer free memorials that are guaranteed for a number of years. Be careful you choose a charity though.

A book

You can publish small print runs of books quite inexpensively these days so tell their story

A tree

It won't last forever but a tree can live for hundreds of years.

A park bench

Giving pleasure to the users of parks but also remembering your loved one. Particularly appropriate if they had a favourite spot.